Marriage in Ministry (Enrichment Retreat)

Marriage in Ministry (Enrichment Retreat)

this course is currently not available and we will advise a rescheduled date in the new year

Nurturing your marriage in ministry

A two day conference for those couples involved in ministry and are interested in growing and developing their marriage.

We suggest… you end the first days training with a date-night and, if possible, include local accommodation – time away from parish and family, time to reflect on the days teaching without distractions.

What people have said

“The content was excellent. So many helpful and different ways to look at marriage.  I found both Jim and Lesley very easy to listen to.”

“Jim & Lesley do a fantastic job as a couple. With their years of experience to share, it was an engaging and helpful presentation.”

“My husband & I just wanted to send a big thank you to you for all you did on organising this week’s marriage retreat. We were so blessed by this time away & helpful teaching for our marriage in the context of ministry. We also really appreciated the wonderful food & snacks provided (especially my husband haha), but it was lovely! I’m sure there was so much organising that went on behind the scenes but it was an invaluable time for us & will definitely help our ministry (with God’s help)!  Thanks again”

Jim & Lesley Ramsay

Our presenters, Jim and Lesley Ramsay, have been married for over 52 years.
They have both been involved in teaching the Bible and pastoring people in a number of churches and
are now involved in pastoring church leaders & their wives in the FIEC network.
They understand how ministry places many unique pressures on marriage.

Course Content

  • Theological foundation of marriage
  • Growing together in marriage and ministry
  • Understanding the importance of emotional connection in your marriage
  • The importance of a healthy sex life
  • The spiritual side of marriage, and
  • The best laid plans – realistic expectations

The cost of the two day conference is $145 per couple and includes course material and catering (morning tea and lunch).