Workers for the Harvest

Workers for the Harvest

For people considering the possibility of full-time ministry in the Anglican Church

Ministry Training & Development (MT&D) is partnering with local churches in hosting an event for people to consider full-time ministry in the Anglican Church called WORKERS FOR THE HARVEST. It will involve considering God’s call to us all as well as hearing and talking with people young and old who are training for or involved in full-time Anglican ministry. This will include a testimonies on “why I love Anglican ministry,” an interview with people on “why they left my job to study for full-time for ministry” and an outline of “the pathway to ministry”. There will be lots of time for questions and discussion. This event is run once a term and moves through each region of the Diocese.

Meetings are held on Saturdays between 4pm and 6pm. The meeting dates for 2023 are listed below :-

20 May – Western region
3 June – South Sydney region
29 July – South Western region
26 August – Wollongong region
28 October – Northern region

Please contact Gary O’Brien ( if you require more information.