Considering Ordination

Traditionally the Anglican Church has three orders of ministers, Deacon, Presbyter (or Priest) and Bishop. MT&D is involved in the selection, training and development of Deacons and Presbyters. 

In most contexts Deacons serve as a part of a ministry team as an assistant minister and Presbyters serve as the leader of a parish as a rector or senior assistant minister. Ordination involves you expressing the intention to undertake full-time ministry for the rest of your life and the public recognition that you have the convictions, character and competencies to do so.

The Ordinal in the Prayer Book outlines the serious nature of this ministry and its high calling. We encourage you to read it if you are considering ordination. Because of its importance we have a policy and an extensive selection process to help you discern if God is calling you to serve in this way. This involves formal theological study, a two year discernment process involving personal and panel interviews, psychological assessments, pastoral supervision and observation of your life and ministry.