Once you have full-time experience as an Assistant Minister you may wish to explore ordination as a Presbyter.  This qualifies you to be able to lead a local church as a Rector if you were invited by the Archbishop at the request of a parish.  If being a Deacon is focused on serving as a member of a team, being a Presbyter is about leading the team.  This may involve paid as well as volunteer people. 

In this discernment process we will be looking at whether you have the convictions, character and competencies to serve as a Rector.  We will have a particular focus on your leadership competencies.  Are you gifted by God to help teach the vision of God for the church, help the church set its vision and direction, staff that vision, fund the vision, manage the vision and live the vision?  How has this been demonstrated in your ministry as an Assistant Minister?

Again, this is a very high calling and we encourage you to read the Ordinal before making an application to be considered.

If you would like to make an application to be ordained as a presbyter the following steps are involved.  This process can be paused or stopped at any time by you or the MT&D staff.

1.  making an application
Contact Claire Pritchard at MT&D and request the application forms (  She will email you a number of different forms for you and others to complete.  This information will enable the Director, Gary O’Brien and the presbyter panel help you discern if this is the best way forward for you in ministry at this time. 

2. initial interview
Once the application forms are received Claire will make an appointment for you to come in and meet Gary O’Brien to discuss your application forms and go through the Confidential Questionnaire together. 

3. panel interview
Following a PSU clearance, if the decision is to proceed with the process, Claire will make a time for you and your wife to come in for a panel interview.  Following this a recommendation will be made to the Archbishop about your candidature and he will notify you of his decision.

4. Presbyter Ministry Development Plan
If you are accepted as a presbyter candidate and enter the two-year discernment process we are keen for you to continue developing your leadership skills, so Gary O’Brien will speak to you about creating a ministry development plan in consultation with your rector.  This will form the basis of a mid-term interview when he will visit you on a Sunday in parish.

5. Sunday visit and interview with the Director
Towards the end of your first year Claire will send you two forms (a self-evaluation form and a rector’s evaluation form) for you to have completed and returned. She will then make a time for Gary O’Brien to visit you and your family one Sunday to talk about how you are going in ministry and discuss these evaluations.

6. panel interview
Towards the end of the second year Claire will send you ministry evaluation forms for your rector and three lay-leaders to complete. Once you have emailed the completed forms to Claire she will organise a time for the second panel interview with you and your wife. Following this a recommendation will be made to the Archbishop about your suitability to be ordained a presbyter in the Anglican Church and he will notify you of his decision.