Staff Review Process

Event Date: 06/08/2019 | Registration Close Date: 29/07/2019  |  Talbot Room, Level 2, St Andrew's House  |  $25.00

The goal of this Pastoral Review Process is to help ministry staff serve in a way that makes a significant and positive impact in the ministry of the church, and is personally fulfilling.
This review process seeks to provide both accountability and development of staff members.  It is pastoral and formative, rather than evaluative, in character and is guided by a commitment to honesty, clarity and generosity.
In 2018 MT&D ran three staff reveiw workshops, all booked out and received positive feedback.  For those people who missed out and/or are interested in attending a workshop, we are offering two more workshops in 2019.  Please register for either Monday, 18 March or Tuesday, 6 August 2019.  Both workshops will commence at 10am and conclude by 12 noon, refreshments will be served at the commencement of the workshop.
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